Applied Socio-Pedagogical Educational Research (M.A.)

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Applied Socio-Pedagogical Educational Research explores how successful educational processes are initiated and shaped in the global context against the background of social structures. It is a trans-disciplinary programme. In addition to subject-specific pedagogical, sociological and management-related approaches, historical and philosophical perspectives also play an important role.


This Master's programme acts as the interface between the acquisition of professional skills on the one hand and a scientific qualification on the other. It aims to enhance students’ knowledge of research methodology so they are able to carry out application-related practical research independently and on the basis of pedagogical principles.

This full-time degree programme awards 90 Credits (workload 750 hrs per semester).

Please send any questions you may have about the degree programme to:

Degree programme leaflet

Applied Socio-Pedagogical Educational Research (M.A.)

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Facts and Figures

Facts and Figures - at a glance

Degree awardedMaster of Arts
FacultySocial Work, Health Care and Nursing Sciences
CampusEsslingen Hilltop Campus
Number of semesters3
Language of instructionGerman
Application PeriodsFor the summer semester: up to November 30th

Application and Admission

Applications for this degree programme must be submitted online via the Master’s degree programme portal of Esslingen University of Applied Sciences.

The deadlines for submitting applications are

  • 30 November for the summer semester.

Information on the documents which must be submitted can be found in the checklist for Master's programmes.

Students may commence this degree programme in the summer semester only.

Additional documents which must be submitted with your application:

Further information can be found at 

Applicants with a degree from a foreign university

Esslingen University of Applied Sciences requires a university degree gained at a foreign university to be recognised by the Center for International Students at Constance University of Applied Sciences (Studienkolleg Konstanz).


The curriculum for the degree programme and detailed descriptions of the programme modules are contained in the Module Catalogue.

Module Catalogue Applied Socio-Pedagogical Educational Research (M.A.) (German Version)

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Career prospects

The professional ability to operate in the vocational fields of relevance is improved overall by the competence to adopt a research perspective and the enhanced pedagogical ability to reflect which results from this.

On completion of the Master’s programme, you can work in formal, non-formal and informal education, depending on the specialisation you selected in your Bachelor’s programme.  For example in:

  • all professional fields of child pedagogy
  • all professional fields of social work
  • all professional fields of remedial teaching
  • schools with inclusive settings
  • adult education facilities providing further and advanced training and education
  • leisure education
  • non-formal education and mentoring
  • media-based culture communication and media consultancy
  • educational planning and education management

The programme opens up the possibility to go on to pursue a career at a university. On completion of their doctoral studies, educational researchers can work in research and teaching at universities and universities of applied sciences, and public and private research institutions.

Apply for summer semester 2021!

Applications open October 15th 2020

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