Graduate School alumnae & alumni

The Graduate School Class of 2013

This is a platform for open communication between our graduates, our current students, and the GS Office. Here, graduates can keep in touch with each other and with current events in the GS, and our students receive important course information from the GS Office.

We are very proud of our graduates from all our master's programs: from our MBA, which has been running since 1998, from our old MSc programs, which ran from 1999 to 2009 and from our current MEng programs, the successors of our MScs. To date, we have 862 alumni from 68 different countries! Many of these have stayed in Germany, to take up jobs in the local industry, many have travelled further or gone home to their own country. Wherever our alumni end up, we are very glad to hear from you and keep in touch!

On the wish of our graduates, this platform is confidential and can be accessed only with a password. All graduates and current students are welcome to log in to our alumni homepage .

If any graduates have not received or have lost their password, please contact gsalumni(at)hs-esslingen(dot)de .