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Many faculties offer a placement test for the freshmen at the beginning of the first term, so that students can recognize early enough, whether they would need to refresh or improve their language skills.

Sufficient English language skills are essential, so that students would be able to participate and successfully pass the lectures that are taught only in English: A list of all English lectures

International students, who have received their education in another country, can also refresh or improve their German and/or English language skills:

External language courses

Internal language courses

Language preparation for your semester abroad

Esslingen University of Applied Sciences has partner universities in many countries abroad. In case the language course you want to visit isn’t on the list with regular language courses, speak to us!

The language used in lectures in almost all our partner universities is English, but in some countries the medium of teaching is for example the Spanish language. Both English and Spanish are very popular among the language courses. See course descriptions

Language certificates can be received from the Institute of foreign languages, as soon as you have successfully passed either a placement test, or a language course.

Language preparation for your internship or your career

Since an increasing number of German companies are growing more international, having employees from different countries, English has become a corporate language for many of those companies. Students can benefit from their language skills when looking for a job. The more languages they master, the more chances they have of finding a prestigious job in an international company. The UNIcert certificates are therefore valuable.

Graduates can translate their certificates with the help of our templates

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