Structure of the Faculty Councils

The Faculty Council is the decision-making body of a faculty and is responsible for all faculty matters to do with research, teaching and technology transfer for which the Dean, Faculty Board, or the Heads of Faculty Scientific Institutes are not responsible. Its responsiblities are set out in § 25 of the law relating to universtities in the federal state of Baden-Wuerttemberg. These duties include prescribing and changing study and examination regulations, giving advice concerning the introduction, modification or cessation of degree programs to the Rector's Office and elects Deans and Directors of Degree Programs. It determines structures, plans for development and changes within the Faculty. Further, the Faculty Council forms working parties and commissions on specific topics. Of particular interest to students is the Examination Board which is responsible for all matters concerned with examinations. The composition of Faculty Councils is regulated by the Constitution of the Universty of Applied Sciences. Faculty Councils are made up of: all the teaching staff of the Faculty whose main occupation is working at Esslingen University of Applied Sciences, 3 elected staff members of Esslingen University of Applied Sciences and 6 elected students.