Brazilian Delegation visits the Esslingen Graduate School

30 high-ranking delegates from the Universität Vila Velha (UVV) from the Brazilian region of Espírito Santo have travelled to Germany to strengthen their contacts to German universities. On 19 July, the delegation visited the Esslingen Graduate School.

Having already stopped in Tübingen to become acquainted with their university, the group came to Esslingen in order to gain further insights into a renowned university of applied sciences. The Brazilians showed great interest in the structures and methods of teaching at Esslingen.

Graduate School Dean Wolfgang Weise presented our international master’s programs and, together with other members of the Graduate School, answered the many questions of the visitors. Contrary to the practices in Brazil, the German industry not only demands but also strongly supports knowledge transfer, both through personnel and also financial means. The interconnection of theory and practice, in cooperation with the numerous renowned companies in our region, as well as the prospective of interesting and well-paid jobs in Germany, combine to make a master’s degree from Esslingen very attractive. Our visitors were also visibly impressed by our active alumni network, which has students from 82 countries around the globe – including many Brazilians!

Getting an impression of the university laboratories, our visitors were amazed at the possibilities that Esslingen students have to conduct experiments themselves, as this is not common in their home country. In the Laser Lab, Lecturer Hans-Georg Leis demonstrated a few of our strengths by performing experiments in acoustics and vibration measurement.

This very pleasant and productive visit, which took place under almost Brazilian temperatures, enabled many interesting talks between the visiting delegation and our university. We look forward to more bilateral visits, and to many excellent students from Brazil in our graduate programs.

- original German text by Petra Gülck