Touching Base with Dr. Ehlers

Last weekend, the GS Team had the pleasure of a day trip into the heart of the sunny Black Forest - and a visit to Dr. Ehlers

Dr. Ehlers, one time Vice Dean of the Graduate School, is now enjoying his retirement with his wife in the beautiful surroundings of the Black Forest. He invited the GS Team to come and spend a day with him, and - as is his wont - spoiled them rotten!

The day started with lunch at a beautiful panoramic restaurant overlooking the hills and valleys around his town. Local produce and wines, good company and cheer made the lunch highly enjoyable. This was followed by a gentle hike through the Black Forest to Dr. Ehlers' home, where all enjoyed coffee and cake - and more wine - and relaxed amongst the spring blossoms and beautiful sunlight.

A one-off expedition may yet, after this experience, turn into a tradition!