DDM student Floriane Dumur talks about Heide's Deutschtreff

Heide Elberth organises German conversation and culture meetings in Esslingen above and beyond anything official: Heide gives students a small community where they can be at home amongst friends.

Der Deutschtreff - by DDM student Floriane Dumur

„Der Deutschtreff, hum…Was ist das?“ When we arrived in September we had a presentation about the Hochschule and other important things. Amongst that there was a small speech about a lady, organizing weekly meetings in her house to speak German and share good times together. The goal: for us to speak German whatever our German level and how many faults we are doing in one sentence…; for her, the pleasure and joy of meeting young people from different countries and sharing our experiences.

“But what are you doing exactly?” Usually it starts at 6:00 pm. Everyone arrives and prepares some drinks and some cakes. When it is done we all sit comfortably and start speaking about our week, a special topic or our problems to have some help or just because we need it. In the beginning it was difficult to speak with people we just met. But week after week only the most motivated persons, the future Deutschtreffler, joined this Deutschtreff and a relationship could finally be developed. We continued to speak about us, our project but started also to play some games or go out together.

Thus we went to the Christmas Market and to the bowling, organized some Sunday evenings playing games, watching a movie or visiting places like Lichtenstein castle. We shared our culture concerning Christmas, Easter or other public holidays.

Since almost one year I visit this Deutschtreff and I really enjoy this time. As we spend all our day speaking English, we can feel frustrated about not speaking enough German. It is a good occasion to make some progress but, keep in mind, Deutschtreff is not a German lecture! These evenings are also a way sometimes not to feel alone and be, for a short time, far away from our problems.