Step 1: completely fill out the online application

Each page of the online application form must be completely filled out. When the online application is complete, applicants lock their file and then print out and sign the online application data report.

Click here to enter our online application.

Step 2: gather together all required documents

Please add the following to your application package:

Step 3: include all application attachments

Applicants must include the following forms with their application:

  • Recommendation forms (ideally by a professor and a supervisor at work)
  • Transcript evaluation form
  • Essays
  • Curriculum vitae

Please read the explanations on the attachment site carefully and then download the attachment package. Then fill in all attachment documents and include them with your application.

Step 4: add supporting documents

Step 5: post your application

Please send us a complete application package, with all the above required documents. Use the check-list to ensure that your application package is complete. Please note that ONLY the letters of recommendation should be in separate envelopes: all other documents should be loose.

Mail to:
Hochschule Esslingen / University of Applied Sciences
Graduate School
Flandernstr. 101
D-73732 Esslingen





Ms TuDao Luong
MBA Program and Admissions Manager
E-Mail: The Esslingen MBA

Please send all questions regarding admissions by email.