Quality Assurance in the Graduate School: Continual Development

Quality Assurance in the Esslingen Graduate School maintains the high quality of our programs and the flexible structure of our courses.

Four separate instances examine our program structure and content:

1. Our internal Study Commission gathers and analyses regular feedback from students and professors. This leads to a indepth examination of each program by those teaching and those being taught, who contribute well-founded, informed proposals for improvement.

2. Through suggestions from our Advisory Board, which is made up of top representatives from local council, science and economy, our programs gain new impulses and are able to respond dynamically to industrial demand.

3 . Our industry lecturers and our alumni, who are now working in the industry, are a valuable source of information for our programs. They match their intimate knowledge of our programs with their rich professional experience to give a regular input of state-of-the-art developments in the corporate world. This constant enrichment by top industry lecturers identifies the Esslingen Graduate School programs and raises them above other programs.

4. We are regularly accredited by the ASIIN. The ASIIN is responsible for examining and certifying new bachelor's and master's programs in engineering, computer sciences, natural sciences, mathematics, and geosciences. As our programs are primarily in Engineering and Engineering Management, we are proud to be assured of our high quality in these fields.

Since program inception, both our students and our Advisory Board have praised this concept of Quality Assurance highly, and the excellent careers of many of our alumni confirm its effectivity.