Corporate partners

Esslingen University is situated in the Neckar Valley in southern Germany, an area rich in industrial global players. As a result, there are also many hidden champions in this area, companies that are less well-known but are leaders in their field, such as pneumatics, optics, and cosmetics, or in specific processes that are fundamental to the industry. These companies are highly focussed experts in their fields and often have a robust overseas business. They set the standard because they are fast-moving and flexible.

Some of the Graduate School's industrial and corporate partners are: Audi, Behr, Bosch, Con Moto, Daimler, Deloitte, Eberspächer, Festo, Frech, Kärcher, Kreissparkasse, Modine, Porsche and PricewaterhouseCoopers.

The Graduate School has close ties to these industrial greats: indeed, it was through their need for highly-qualified, internationally-oriented professionals that the Graduate School was created. Since 1998, we have been educating top international students and giving them a chance to experience the industry, creating a  win-win situation for the university, students and industry.

Have a look at a full list of Esslingen University of Applied Sciences' corporate partners .

MBA thesis statistics

To date, our students have written their master's theses at 140 different companies. Our top companies for master's theses are:

Robert Bosch GmbH        Festo AG & Co. KG
Daimler AGBW Bank AG
Siemens AGHewlett Packard GmbH