Enjoy the "best time of your life"!

Welcome as an exchange student at Hochschule Esslingen!

3 campuses, 11 faculties, 23 study programs on bachelor level. The overview shows you what you can study at which campus.

(If you would like to enroll as a degree student at our university, you can find the relevant information under regular studies for international students.)

Discover the spirit of an international student community! Face new challenges and enjoy once-in-a-lifetime experiences! Hochschule Esslingen offers a range of programs which let this dream come true for you. Choose which program fits best for you:

Exchange program ERASMUS/Global
This is our standard exchange program for students from European (ERASMUS) or non-European (Global) partner universities.
INTAP/KEEP (International Automotive Engineering Program/Kettering Automotive Engineering Program)
This is a specific program open for students from partner universities with a special agreement with Hochschule Esslingen.
Double degree programs
These programs enable students to obtain a degree both from their home university and from Hochschule Esslingen. Special agreements between both universities are required.
Freemover program
This program is for exchange students from non-partner universities.

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