Studying with a child

The following information is intended to be useful to you if you are pregnant or already have a child and to show you what facilities are available to you make it easier to organise your life. The decision to study with a child places huge organisational demands on you and is often accompanied by concerns about financial matters. Your course of study is likely to run less smoothly than that of your fellow students who do not have children. 

However, we can only give you a rough and incomplete guide to the facilities and contact persons available. It is therefore advisable to obtain individually tailored advice which applies to your particular situation. You can find further information on this topic under: Family-Friendly University

Beratung für Studierende

Studierende mit Fragen zum Thema Studieren mit Kind wenden sich bitte an die Zentrale Studienberatung oder an die Gleichstellungsbeauftragten.

Child care: Krabbelmäuse Day Nursery

The “Krabbelmäuse“day nursery is run by Stuttgart Student Union on the Hilltop campus, Flandernstraße.

Kindertagesstätte Krabbelmäuse
Krabbelmäuse Day Nursery
Flandernstr. 101
73732 Esslingen

Further information, for example, costs, can be found on the webpage of the Stuttgart Student Union Studentenwerk Stuttgart or on the day nursery website of the Krabbelmäuse.

Room for nursing mothers/baby changing

At the Hilltop campus, Flandernstraße, there has been a room for nursing mothers / baby changing. Room F1.043 (Sanitätsraum) is located opposite the weights room. The key can be obtained from Frau Heinzmann in the foyer.

Babies can be changed as well in the toilet for handicapped people in building 1 opposite the auditorium and next to the students office.

At the City Centre Campus, there is a place for changing babies in the Sanitätsraum (medical room) S10.141.

Mobile toy chests

Since November 2009, Esslingen University of Applied Sciences has had mobile toy chests which can be borrowed.

The toys are intended to make caring for your child easier it you have to bring him/her to your place of work/study at the University in an emergency. At each campus there is a mobile toy chest with toys for children under the age of three  and a second one with toys for children over the age of three.

The toy chests can be borrowed from:

  • City Centre Campus: Frau Schmolke (S1.139)
  • Goeppingen in the Poststelle: Frau Weber (G4.010) and
  • Hilltop Campus: Frau Heinzmann (F1.008).

The toy chests can be borrowed free of charge within normal University opening times; a deposit has to be paid.

Kinder bis 10 essen kostenlos in der Mensa

Kinder bis zum Alter von 10 Jahren dürfen seit Dezember 2010 in Baden-Württembergs Mensen kostenlos essen. Wie es genau funktioniert erfahren die Eltern beim Studentenwerk. Bitte fragen Sie die MitarbeiterInnen in den Mensen.

Kinderbetreuung während der Proben des Hochschulorchesters

Seit Sommersemester 2011 bietet die Hochschule während der Proben des Hochschulorchesters eine Kinderbetreuung an. Die Kinder werden von Mitgliedern der Pep-Band betreut. 

  • Betreuung bis zu einem Alter von 5 Jahren
  • Kosten: 5€ pro Kind, 2. Kind: 3€, ab dem 3. Kind frei