Student E-Mailing-distributors (E-Mailing-lists) are used by a semester or the entire faculty.
Since winter term 2009/2010, the student E-Mailing-lists are generated automatically out of the student database of University administration. All essential information can be found in the following article (Effective 10/2015):
mailing.hs-esslingen.de/cgi-bin/majordomo  (only via VPN (OpenVPN) or inside university network)

Automatically generated student E-Mailinglists

In adjacent articel, the restructuring of automatically student lists is illustrated. Please refer for detailled information to:

Information for restructuring of automatically generated student E-Mailinglists (Effective 10/2009)


MajorDomo / MajorCool

"Majordomo" is about a "Mailrobot"; meaning by use of this "Mailrobot" it is easy and comfortable to manage and control Mailinglists. You can write an E-Mail to a group of list of participants with only one E-Mail-address (listaddress).

"MajorCool" is the associated Web-Frontend. With this, the registration and administration of E-Mail-addresses is possible for listmembers and listadmins using a webinterface. Furthermore to the existing lists, there are general information, e.g. the size limit.