Enrolment fees and exemptions

There are no more enrolment fees in Baden-Württemberg for Bachelor's degree programmes and consecutive Master's degree programmes.

There are following enrolment fees for the advanced Master's degree programmes:

- International Industrial Management: 1,200 Euro/semester

- Bioprocess Engineering: 18,000 Euro for the complete programme

Students only have to pay the administrative fee, the constitutional student body fee and the student union membership


Exemptions “International Industrial Management”

 You can apply to be exempted from enrolment fees, if

  •  you are bringing up a child that is not older than 14 years or
  •  you have a handicap or you are chronically ill.

Furthermore you are exempt from enrolment fees, if

  •  you have been granted leave of absence and the application form has been received prior to the lecture period.

 You can find the applications and further information on exemptions here:

Refund of fees and Refund of fees and dues 

 Exemption from enrolment fees due to child education 

 Exemption form enrolment fees due to handicap 



Please consider the application deadlines: Your application has to be received prior to the lecture period. Is it late, it must be declined!

You should file your application for exemption prior to the confirmation (15.06./30.11.), so you don’t have to pay enrolment fees.

New students should file their application together with their application for enrolment, so they don’t have to pay enrolment fees at their matriculation.


Exemptions from Student Union membership fees

According to the fee ordinance of the Student Union Stuttgart there is no exemption from the student union membership fee during a leave of absence.

Severely handicapped people, who are entitled to the free use of local passenger traffic, can be exempted from the fraction for financing the “StudiTicket” (40,80 Euro).

Under certain circumstances and in compliance with deadlines the student union membership fee can be refunded in case of repulsion.

Please pay the full student union membership fee at your enrolment/confirmation and then file an application with a copy of the severely handicapped pass to the Student Union Stuttgart, Rosenbergstr. 18, 70174 Stuttgart.



For further information on enrolment fees please contact:

Ms Sabine Laupheimer

Phone: +49(0)711.397 - 3190

E-Mail: Sabine.Laupheimer(at)hs-esslingen.de