Overview of Master's Degrees

Name of degree programApplication possible for*Application deadlineCampus
Applied Surface and Material Sciences OMM)WS/SS15.07./15.01.

City campus/Aalen

Automotive Systems (ASM)WS31.03.Flandernstraße
Berufspädagogik/ Ingenieurwissenschaften
Design and Development in Automotive and Mechanical Engineering (DDM)WS31.03.Flandernstraße
Energy and Facility Management(EGM)WS/SS15.07./15.01.City campus
Innovation Management (IMM)WS/SS15.07./15.01.Flandernstraße
International Industrial Management (IM)WS31.05.Flandernstraße
Nursing Sciences (MPW)SS15.02.Flandernstraße
Social Work (MSA)SS15.02.Flandernstraße
Environmental Protection (U)WS/SS15.02./15.08.Co-operative degree programm

Restrictions an Student Numbers

Please note that all degree programs have restrictions on the number of student places, i.e. there are selection procedures. Further details on selection procedures can be found on the degree program information pages of the relevant faculties (see links).