Our Degree Programs – Overview of Bachelor’s Degrees

Name of degree programApplications possible for*Application procedurePractical ExperienceUniversity campus
Development and Education in Childhood (BBE)WSonlineyesFlandern-straße
Biotechnology (BTB)SS/WSonlinenocity campus
Chemical Engineering/Colour and Coatings (CIB)SS/WSonlinenocity campus
Automotive Engineering (FZB) SS/WSonline yescity campus
Theory of Education-Engineering Sciences/Electrical Engineering-Information Technology (EIP)SS/WSonlineyesGöppingen
Theory of Education Engineering Sciences/Automotive Engineering-Mechanical Engineering (FMP)SS/WSonline yescity campus
Theory of Education Engineering Sciences/ Information technology- Electrical Engineering (IEP)SS/WSonlineyesFlandern-straße
Theory of Education Engineering Sciences/Mechanical Engineering-Automation Systems (MAP)SS/WSonline yescity campus
International Industrial Management (TBB)SS/WSonline noFlandern-straße
International Engineering Management (IWB)SS/WSonlinenoGöppingen
Mechanical Engineering (MBB)SS/WSonlineyescity campus
Mechatronics/Automation Systems (ATB)SS/WSonlineyesGöppingen
Mechatronics/Electrical Engineering (ETB)SS/WSonlineyesGöppingen
Mechatronics/Precision Engineering and Microsystems (FMB)SS/WSonlineyesGöppingen
MechatronicsPlus (MPK)SSwritten applicationnoGöppingen
Nursing Management (BPM)WSonlineprofessional experienceFlandern-straße
Nursing Teacher Education (BPP)WSonlineprofessional experienceFlandern-straße
Software Engineering and Media Informatics (SWB)WS/SSonlinenoFlandern-straße
Social Work (BSA)WSonlinenoFlandern-straße
Computer Sciences (TIB)WSonlinenoFlandern-straße
Building Services, Energy and Environmental Engineering (VUB)WS/SSonlineyescity campus
Management and Information Systems (WFB)WS/SSonlinenoGöppingen
Engineering Management (WIB)WS/SSonlinenoFlandern-straße

Semester Term

* SS = summer semester, WS = winter semester

Restrictions on Student Numbers

Please note that all degree programs have restrictions on the number of student places, i.e. there are selection procedure. Further information on selection procedures can be found hier.

Joint Admission Procedure

The following degree programs have a joint admission procedure. This means that you can only apply for degree program within each group of subjects.


  • Software Engineering and Media Informatics (SWB)
  • Computer Sciences (TIB)
  • Theory of Education-Engineering Sciences/Information Technology-Electrical Engineering (IEP)
  • Mechatronics / Automation Systems (ATB)
  • Mechatronics / Electrical Engineering (ETB)
  • Mechatronics / Precision Engineering and Microsystems (FMB)
  • Theory of Education-Engineering Sciences /Electrical Engineering-Information Technology (EIP)
  • Automotive Engineering (FZB)
  • Theory of Education-Engineering Sciences/Automotive Engineering-Mechanical Engineering (FMP)
  • Mechanical Engineering (MBB)
  • Theory of Education Engineering Sciences/Mechanical Engineering-Automatin Systems (MAP)
  • Gebäude-, Energie- und Umwelttechnik (GUB)
  • Ingenieurpädagogik/Versorgungstechnik-Maschinenbau (VMP)

First, Second and Third Choice Applications

You may apply for up to three degree programs (please list 1st choice, 2nd choice, third choice). You may only apply for a 2nd or 3rd choice if you fulfil the relevant requirements and if you intend to enter the degree program if you are offered a place. First and second/third choice applications will be dealt with in the following manner:

  • All first-choice applications will be entered into the main applications procedure.
  • Second and third choice applications will be considered after the first waiting list has been dealt with if places are still available after all first-choice applications have been considered and the admissions procedure has been completed.
  • If an applicant has been offered a place for one application, then any further applications will no longer be considered.