Selection Procedures

Because there are more applications than places every semester, not all applicants can be admitted to the University. Places will therefore be allocated according to the University’s selection procedures.

The selection procedures vary according to the course of studies.

1. Technical and management-oriented degree programmes
For these degree programmes a new selection grade will be put together out of your average grade and the grades for individual subjects in your university entrance qualifications and accordingly a bonus for any practical experience relevant to the chosen degree programme. More details can be found here:Satzung für das hochschuleigene Auswahlverfahren in den Bereichen Betriebswirtschaft, Ingenieurwissenschaften und Naturwissenschaft 

2. The degree programmes Social Work and Childhood Education
The selection procedure consists of a points-based system. Details can be found in this pdf-Document.

3. The degree programmes Nursing Management and Nursing Teacher Education                 The selection procedure for these degree programmes is based on the following weighted criteria:

  • Weighting of the average grade of your university entrance qualifications: 2/3,

  • Weighting of the average grade achieved in your certificate of professional training in the caring profession required for admission: 1/3

Allocation Procedure

Student places will be allocated according to the University’s Regulations on the Allocation of Places. 

1. First, a certain number of places are made available for the following:

  • 5% (at least 1 place) for cases of exceptional hardship;
  • 8% (at least 1 place) for foreign applicants who have not been educated in the EU and who are not citizens of an EU country, and stateless persons;
  • 2% (at least 1 place) for applicants who are applying for their second degree (i.e. have already completed a first degree before the end of the application deadline). 

2. The remaining places will be allocated at first to preferential applicants.

3. All remaining places will be allocated as follows:

  • 90 % according to the results of the selection procedure (see above)
  • 10 % according to the waiting period

The so-called numerus clausus is always determined at the end of the procedure for allocation. It describes the selection grade/number of points or waiting periods of the last applicant to be admitted. Therefor the numerus clausus depends on the number of applicants, their selection grades/numbers of points/waiting periods and the number of places available. For this reason it is unfortunately not possible to say in advance what the numerus clausus will be in future selection procedures nor what your chances of obtaining a place are likely to be.