Application Deadlines

If you wish to apply for a Bachelor’s degree programme, all materials must be received no later than

15th July for the winter semester

15th January for the summer semester

to be considered for admission. Crucial is the date of receipt (not the date of the date stamp). This is a foreclosure, no exceptions to this deadline can be permitted.

Even if the end-date falls on a weekend or a holiday, the deadline is not extended.

Please submit your application as early as possible. This facilitates our work and accelerates the admission. It also allows any further questions or irregularities concerning your application to be dealt with before the deadline.

You may also apply if you have not yet received your A-levels/High School Diploma or other certificates qualifying you to attend university. These can be handed in later within the deadline.

Please consider that there is no admission to the degree programmes "Childhood Education", "Nursing Management" and "Nursing Teacher Education" for the summer semester.