Ein Einstufungstest ist erforderlich für alle Englischkurse . Bitte machen Sie den Test und laden Sie ein Screenshot vom Ergebnis bei der Anmeldung hoch. Informationen und Termine zu den Englisch Eisntufungstests finden Sie hier.

English B1 (4 SWS)

Voraussetzung: Englischkurs A2 oder Oxford Placement Test: 40-60
Umfang: 4 SWS
Lehrbuch: New Language Leader, Intermediate Coursebook
Lektionen 1-12
ISBN: 978-1447961499
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English B2 (4 SWS)

Voraussetzung: Vorkurs B1 oder Oxford Placement Test: 60-80
Umfang: 4 SWS
Lehrbuch: Language Leader Upper Intermediate Coursebook + CD-ROM;
Lektionen 1-12;
ISBN: 978 14479 6155 0
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Technical English: Automation in Production and Assembly (2 SWS)

Voraussetzung: GER-Stufe B1/technische Erfahrung. Der Kurs ist ab dem 3. - 7. Semester
Umfang: 2 SWS
Kursinhalt: Manufacturing has always been important in Germany. Expertise in the production and assembly of products to the highest standards has changed to an expertise in the automation of production and assembly. Germany has become one of the most important suppliers of production machines worldwide. The different technologies which support the functionality in automation such as pneumatics, mechanical processes, hydraulics, electrical drives, robotics, sorters and conveyors are discussed and described in this course.
Different ways of describing the processing and connecting of metal, and the processing and connecting of plastics serve as a basis for this course. The course also concentrates on different automated machines for consumer and industrial products. At the end of the course you should be able to describe a complete automated production process.

Advanced Englisch C1 (2SWS)

Voraussetzung: GER Stufe B2-2
Umfang: 2 SWS
Kursinhalt: This course focuses on conversation, speaking comprehension and listening, but will also train writing skills. Furthermore, we will concentrate on building up new vocabulary and phrases which will be used in discussions and for socialising. Part of the course will be a short presentation and essay writing.